Save months building your character customization system

Shorten your content pipeline
Three different styled characters standing and wearing the same hoodie that is refitted to their bodies
Turn any character model into a customization system in minutes
Upload your character model
Produce content with ease
Any assets auto fit to your model
Create your player-facing customization UI

Assets fit to your art style

  • Clothing assets auto fit to any model
  • Upload and edit any character model
  • Easily adjust model proportions

Create meaningful content

  • Upload and edit any asset
  • Craft assets with our node-based editor
  • Pull from our extensive content library

Tailor the player experience

  • Build a player-facing customization UI to fit your game
  • Add relevant customization options
Empower any mobile, web, or desktop game
Save months of development time
Skip the headache of building a character customization system from scratch.
Fuel your game economy
Equip your store with content that fits your game’s vision.
Delight your players
Provide players with customization options they love.