Build your character customization system, without limits

1. Upload any character

Content morphing to any character model

Save time by using one of our template characters or uploading your own with a custom rig. 
Our system automatically morphs any 3D asset to your character and handles skinning.
2. Create custom assets

Node-Based Editor

Speed up content production with our node-based editor without compromising on the quality or accuracy of your game's style

  • Access Content Library or upload your own
  • Create variations of assets in your style
  • Preview changes instantly on character
  • Save assets directly to your library
  • Improve workflow efficiency

Content Library

Thousands of professional game assets in various styles.

Leading brands & IP

Evergrowing library of assets from leading brands and IPs.

3. Build your character customization system

Customization system

Build a player-facing character customization system. Our Unreal and Unity SDKs provide a wrapper for the API endpoints to enable key functionalities of the platform:

  • Build a character customization UI that matches your game
  • Download 3D assets and characters at runtime
  • Equip 3D assets to a character
  • Build an inventory system

LiveOps optimization

Keep your players engaged with one-click real-time content delivery.

Adaptive To Existing Pipeline

Export or import assets into the software you already use.

End-to-end experience