Accelerate your time to market

Craft character models to fit your app

The most efficient way to find and build the character style your app needs.

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Different avatars wearing branded assets

Achieve your final 3D character model in days

Seamlessly create and explore artistic options for your character system.

Test and iterate faster

Playtest instantly in your editor of choice, without any code required.

Empower players with customization

Players can create and customize a personal avatar in the style you create.

Key features

Create custom models

Quickly craft the perfect character models for your game using our intuitive UI by adjusting the full mesh and rig simultaneously in a few clicks.

Playtest instantly

Deploy character models directly into a playtest in your editor of choice with no code required, so you can iterate faster.

Customizable for users

Integrate our default or a custom Avatar Creator into your game to allow your users to create and customize their own personalized avatars in the style you've forged.

Fully animated

Any character models you forge will be compatible with our library of 200+ motion captured animations by Ready Player Me.